Aug 27

Indiana Ring Meeting Experience

I had a really fun time learning and performing for other magicians at the South Bend Indiana ring meeting. It was a great experience to talk about new ideas and better myself in the art of magic. The meeting consisted of magicians traded off ideas and an amazing magic lecture by Tony Gerard, one of my great friends. The meeting went overtime for about four hours, it was just simply a blast!


Aug 02

Amazing Magic Convention!



Last week I was in the magic capital of the world, Colon Michigan for FabMagic’s 2nd annual year magic celebration. It was a four day event, which was filled with magic and mystery. I learned so much during the celebration. I also met some really good friends that I will never forget. They taught me so much I will never forget them. I also made the front page of the Sturgis newspaper for the magic Idol part of the celebration. I had an amazing time during the convention and plan to be attending it again sometime in the future.